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Cost & Scholarships

2019-2020 Tuition Rates
Total Cost per Semester $3,415.32

Tuition costs at USU vary. They also plateau at 12 credits, so you pay the same amount for 12-18 credits. Some courses and programs have other fees/costs than those listed above. Student fees may differ depending on the campus location. Please see the Utah State University Tuition & Fees schedule for full information.

About Financial Aid

Financial aid generally comes in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans. Scholarships are awarded by the university and usually require applications. Grants are awarded by the government to students who fill out a FASFA. Loans can be awarded by various entities including the government and banks.


You may be awarded scholarships through various entities on campus, including admissions, colleges, departments, and Statewide Campuses. Speak with your local campus about scholarship opportunities that you may be eligible for.


In order to be considered for grants and other financial aid, you must complete a FASFA online. Visit the financial aid office's website for complete information. Grants typically do not require repayment.


The financial aid office can inform you about loan options and provide loan counseling if you need more information. Please contact them if you have questions about government or third-party loans.

Help With Tuition

General Admissions Scholarships

The Admissions Office has many scholarships for which you may be eligible. Review them to see if you qualify.

General Admissions Scholarships

Additional Scholarships

The Utah State University Scholarship Office is dedicated to assisting students throughout their college careers by identifying resources to assist with educational expenses, coordination of funding from various resources and providing the highest quality of service. Visit this website for more information on additional scholarship resources. Deadlines vary.

Additional Scholarships

Award Spring Scholarships

Award Spring houses various scholarships from many departments, including all Statewide Campuses, within USU. Register one time and you will automatically be considered for all of the scholarships you qualify for based on your information. If any require more materials, you will be given more instructions.

Award Spring Scholarships